Saturday, December 25, 2010

Where Would You Like to be On Christmas?

Of course, most if not all of us would like to be with our families on Christmas...But that creates a new question:  who are our families?  The people we interact with every day.  The blood relatives who are miles and miles from where we live? Our family of origin? Our extended families? 

Who knows.  I want to be home on Christmas.  My definition of home has changed over the years.  I now define home as my residence which I share with my two cats.  So, if you invite me elsewhere, I do not want to be there.

It is not that I do not care about you and yours, but I want to be at ease, comfortable, and without stress. 

I have relatives who are deployed for military reasons.  And other relatives who are out of country for professional reasons.  I hope they are able to enjoy the holidays.  But, ultimately, I hope they are all happy, healthy, safe, and feeling connected for the holidays.

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