Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Right Tools

What makes an expert is someone who knows what needs to be done, how to do it, when to do it, and someone who has the right tools.

I recently worked on a knitting project, and needed a specific size circular needle. A circular needle has two working ends, and a smaller flexible cord that allows the stitches to slide back and forth to the working ends.  I could not find the size I needed made by a brand with which I was familiar.  So, I purchased a needle of an unknown brand.  The price was reasonable, and I was able to use the needle to complete the project I was working on. of the beauties of the circular needles is that the stitches slide smoothly to the working ends without any extra motion or effort by the knitter. The needles by the unfamiliar brand had a "lip" where the connecting cord met the working ends.  So, to get the stitches onto the working end, I had to physically push the stitches, instead of just sliding them.  This was inconvenient, slowed down my knitting rhythm, but was not unworkable.  But, if I can find a better circular needle of that size, I will obtain it for the next time I need it for a project.

So, am I saying I am a knitting expert? No. I am just commenting on the importance of the right tools.

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