Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Missiles of October

I just watched the movie "The Missiles of October" and was struck by something. The character of Robert Kennedy as portrayed by Martin Sheen was portrayed as someone who continually posed the questions of the moral compass and ethical behavior of the United States. "How would the world perceive the United States, given what we say about our country, if behave such and so?" I remember the times of Robert Kennedy, and I remember that that was his magic: that he held us to a higher standard, to a more moral code of behavior, a more righteous expectation of ourselves. He did this during a time when we as a nation were still violently struggling with our ethnic and racial identity, our moral behavior, our ethical codes...

If we think about this, this is what we loved about Robert Kennedy.. The sad and sorry part of this commentary tonight is that I do not know who, in our public image, represents that moral character now? Not our President, not an ex-President, or even an ex-vice president... Who? Do we have a moral leader like that? Not a Christian leader, but a Moral Leader? Who....

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