Thursday, July 05, 2007

Connecting, connecting

Connecting. That really is what blogging is all about, isn't it? Connecting? I think so. Even though we are isolated in our own little microcosms of cyberspace, we want to be connected with other microcosms, so we blog.....

Today was an especially bad day. I work in a world of very needy, sick and not so sick psychiatric patients. I have some really great coworkers, but some, heh.... It is a stressful job, and takes its toll on me, more than I am willing to admit. Recently, the physical toll, the cold blowing air on my bones, which are always cold anyway, has exacerbated my physical pain. And, it makes wanting to be at work and stay at work harder. But, then, something happens, and I can see a glimmer. I like candles. Maybe that is important because the candle watt power of the glimmer I see is often equivalent to a birthday candle.... but it is there...and, after all, a birthday candle is a symbol of birth and rebirth, and that is what I am hoping for amongst these patients....

But, what made today even harder was a trip to the hairdresser whom I count among my friends and blessings. She has been through some very trying losses these past few months, in the midst of the time when I was experiencing the same. So, normally each of us might reach out to each other, but did not. Today, talking, I think we found mutual solace and understanding that the reaching out was not there for a reason, but the blessing and sentiment were there... We spoke at length, cried tears, shared future concerns...

And, when I left, I felt empty. I ran an errand, spoke to a friend, took care of the home front and found myself running more errands. Home at last, but not settled. Then, out of the blue, a connection from the past:

A dear, former coworker and office mate called: We had played phone tag this spring, and it was time to connect in real time.. It was wonderful to hear his updates, his hopes, his family stories, his fun and work plans... It was a blessing.

This is the third connection this week, the first being my outreach to a friend with whom we walked dogs and chatted daily while all were in the park, and who has long since moved away... (I am not being quite truthful: I regularly speak to a few people, and am not counting those connections. They are not to be assumed, nor taken for granted, nor discounted for their importance, because they are important. Their day to day constancy and presence are more important than I can lay a value to. But, for purposes of this blog, they are not the extraordinary connections about which I am writing tonight.) The second, the hairdresser, and of course, the third, the former coworker.

I am not typically a telephone person, but that has changed over the years, with the advent of first cordless phones and now cell phones with hands free devices.... I hate being on the phone: I have a slight, but slightly worsening, hearing impediment, and find listening on the phone in my left ear is difficult, and uncomfortable in my right ear. The earphone helps, because it does block out the external, extraneous noises... The idea that I have paid for all of these unlimited free minutes makes me want to use them, and use them I do.... I find myself doing everything from yard work, to knitting, to house work, to cooking while enjoying the interchanges on the phone. What a blessed connection.... And, what a revelation: being on a land line to a tethered phone was not my style. It was just too uncomfortable. I could not multi-task which is what I want to do when I am on the phone.... Cordless and hands free, hallelujah!

So, connected I was tonight, in a way I did not anticipate, but in a way I am thoroughly blessed for experiencing. I thank my friend for calling. I thank my friend for answering. I thank my friend for being there.... All three have offered me special gifts this week, special connections of the most blessed kind.... Connections....

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Blogger Mary B said...

Joyce, I can't count the number of times you have been that kind of connection for me. Thank you!

Love, Mary

July 09, 2007 7:03 PM  

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