Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am a NASCAR fan... I have been since the early 1980s when Lisenby introduced me to NASCAR, and cable was starting to show the races on some of the cable stations.  I loved Dale Earnhardt... As the sport expanded, and "modernized" I was sad to see some of the venues disappear: Hickory, North Wilkesboro, for example...

But, I remember many, many years ago, before I moved to Texas, before I was in high school, when a cousin not only listened to the INDY 500 on Memorial Day weekend, but a NASCAR many years ago, before Lisenby.

I am grateful that I have had the chance to go to Texas Motor Speedway several times... The smell, feel, noise of a race is phenomenal..

After Dale Earnhardt died, in combination with the change to the "cookie cutter" race tracks, my passion for NASCAR waned....

This year, there have been some rule changes.  I am thinking they may re-invigorate my interest in NASCAR.

I am a fan.  This year, we  will see how much of a fan.

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