Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A 40 Hour Week vs. Results Only Work Environment

I am on salary and expected to work a 40 hour week... I believe as a professional, I have an obligation to work a reasonable amount of time to get done what I think needs to be done... I set myself a task list, what I hope to accomplish for the day.  I set a list of what my patients need, more than what I think I can do in 8 hours. Consequently, I frequently work longer than 40 hours a week. 

Sometimes I do downsize my expectations, so I can leave at a reasonable hour.  And, I plan my days so if I have after work activities, I can reasonably try to leave on time to get home, feed the cats, and get to my after work activities... 

I am blessed that my employer lets me adjust my work hours to some extent, as long as I get my tasks done.  If I want to go in late, leave early, go in early, leave late, or leave in the middle of the day and come back,  it is all okay.  As long as I am present for set activities, and as long as I let someone know what is going on...  And, letting someone know is partly about accountability, but MOSTLY about people knowing who is in a prison, and who is not (safety and security.)

A couple of summers ago, I was having some sleep issues due to some health problems, and frequently ended up going in very late some times.  I slept through my alarm and just did not wake up more than once.  The only things my supervisor asked was that I call when I get up, and I ask my doctor for some help... The help the doc suggested was muscle relaxers.  Not for me...

I heard a story about Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) which emphasized getting results versus what schedule someone works.  It makes so much sense, and is sort of the environment in which I work, although not formally defined.   A great concept.  What they have found is that people actually work more, and are more productive with ROWE....


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