Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I do not understand my cats

I had last Friday off (spring break) and wanted to get Sake outside but she was just not interested.  It snowed Saturday, and she did not ask to go out, nor did she want out Sunday...I understand: it was windy, which bothers her. 

Monday night, I put her out.  But not early... I came home, fed cats, ran errands, and got home in plenty of time for Sake to be out early...But, she did not want out immediately.  When she did, I put her out, and when it was getting dark, brought her in... She did not want to go in, and was violent with me about it...

Today, I left work early so I could feed the cats before I went out for a function. When I got home from the function, Sake wanted a treat...Okay, I had not given her one when I fed her (sometimes she wants a treat, then eats her dinner.  Desert before dinner, anyone?) so I gave her a treat.

Haiku, on the other hand wanted refuge or solace in the garage, on the hood of the Vue, where it is warm... She had not eaten the food I put out that she normally eats. I showed it to her, but she did not want it...I give my cats multiple options of wet and dry food. I do the best I can.



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