Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My knees

As I was getting ready for work this morning, my cats wanted in the garage.  This is sometimes a problem, because I literally have to herd cats if I am ready to leave, before they are ready to go into the house. But I let them into the garage, anyway...

Sake has gotten better, and as long as I tell her more than once it is getting to be time to go back in, she usually goes in when I tell her it is time.

Haiku is not so good.  She is usually in a place where I can grab her, and just put her in the house.  Not so this morning.  She was under the middle of the Vue...I tried several times to "sweep" her out from under the Vue with a broom. She was not very cooperative, until finally, she came out from under the vehicle...and I put her in the house.

This process involved me getting on my knees several times this morning.  I did not notice it until I started to walk from the Vue through the parking lot to work, but knees were weak, and I felt a little disoriented... It took me until well after treatment team to start feeling strong again...My administrative assistant told me to go home after treatment team, and I just said I have too much to do...  She commented "You are a strong woman."  I do not see myself that way, but when I look around at how I measure up to others, I see that I am...

Which makes me concerned about my knees.  I did not like that weak feeling.  It was really strange, like kneeling on the cement had taken the starch out of my knees...Well, tonight they are fine.

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