Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Chrome Diner Fad

I recently had opportunity to eat dinner at The Chuck Wagon Diner,+NY&cid=2095122581951968505

The menu was not especially unusual, a combination of barbecue, hamburgers, sandwiches, general hot meals, fried fish, and the assortment of sides and salads.  The food was tasty, the portions generous, service prompt.

What prompted me to stop and eat at this place was that it was an old fashioned chrome diner. If you Google "Chrome Diner" you can see many examples, but not the picture of this diner.  I was not eaves' dropping, but heard the owner tell a customer about what was original, and what was replaced...  I was delighted that there were jukeboxes
at the booths, and my quarter was among those that proved it worked.

This was a pleasant dining experience that included an invitation to return again, the next time I am passing through!

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