Friday, June 11, 2010

NASW Workshop

Today, the director of the Texas Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (Vicki Hansen) was in Lubbock to do an all day workshop. Honestly, I would not have planned to attend on my own dime.  But I was asked to work the registration desk (which I do for the South Plains Branch of NASW at our yearly workshop) so my participation in the workshop was free. 

I am so glad I attended the workshop. There was so much current, timely and important information imparted that had much value for me as a professional social worker. 

I grumble at paying the high dues for NASW.  But, when we have successful and helpful events sponsored by NASW, I am always glad I am a member... This was one of those days.  For Lubbock standards, the attendance was low:  30... Generally our workshops are closer to 45 to 60 with as many as 75.  But Vicki thought the turn out was okay...

It was a good day... I am glad I went to the workshop.....

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