Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Kayaking vs. the weather

A friend and I had talked about going kayaking tonight.  I checked The Weather Channel on line http://www.weather.com/ mid-afternoon, and there was no mention of storms in the area.  I could see the clouds building to the west, from our office area, and when I walked out from work, I knew there were storms in the area, The Weather Channel not withstanding...

When I called my friend, she was of a like mind that it would not be safe to kayak given the storms in the area.  The air has cooled, I have heard thunder and sometimes see lightning.  No rain (we could use the rain. ) Although the air has cooled, it is not cool enough to open the house to the outside air... But the lightning has become more frequent....

We made the right choice.  No kayaking tonight.

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