Monday, May 31, 2010


Saturday morning, a friend and I joined the Audubon birdwatching group at the City of Lubbock Cemetery .  As we waited for the group, the cemetery manager joined us and apologized for the Confederate Flag that flew over the Civil War Monument.  He explained that there were Union soldiers mentioned on the monument, and there was a group that came out and put out Confederate flags on the graves of the Confederate Soldiers.

We reassured him that that was not an issue for us, and that we were bird watching.  My personal thoughts on this issue is that I have enough respect, that I can and will respect the fallen soldiers on both sides of that war.  Having visited Gettysburg and Vicksburg I will say that I can honor the fallen on both sides of the war, and I am scarred by the horrors of the history of war that I saw.  It makes me believe even more that war is not the answer, communication and cooperation is the answer.

The cemetery manager mentioned the Memorial Day ceremony and a friend and I both said that this year, we wanted to attend.  He commented that this ceremonyhad only occurred for the last 7 or 8 years. I try to keep in touch with what happens in the city, and he is right: except for a few private church ceremonies, the city of Lubbock did not have a ceremony for Memorial Day until the last few years. So sad.

Where I grew up, we had a parade, a gun shot salute, Taps, and flags at the cemetery.

The ceremony today included the information that the City of Lubbock had about 3000 veterans, including 3 Medal of Honor recipients... After the ceremony, the Girl and Boy Scout troops helped to put out flags. The Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America were sung. The Marine contingency did the gun salute, the County Sheriff's Department presented the colors (the flag.) We drove around the cemetery, while the scouts were putting out flags.

Tonight, I went back to the cemetery on my way to go kayaking in the same general area.  There were no flags to speak of in the cemetery... There were a  few that were obviously privately placed on tombstones, but beyond that, there were no American flags nor Confederate flags.

I am not sure what to think about that. 

I am interested in your comments.

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