Monday, May 24, 2010

A Book or a Movie?

I spent Sunday evening reading a book:  Boderline by Nevada Barr a best selling mystery writer who writes stories about a forest ranger, Anna Pigeon.  The stories are set in National Parks and are all mystery stories with lots of interesting information about the national parks, their animal, plant and geological formation inhabitants...

This story is set in the Big Bend National Park, about a river raft trip down the Rio Grande.  I was in that part of the world in 1996, briefly touring, and remember much of the scenery in my mind's eye.  It was fabulous, wonderful, delightful, dessicated. 

I do not think it is my memory of the area that affected me as much as the powerful emotional descriptions in the book, but today, at work, I could not decide if I had read about this story, or seen a movie about it... The images were that powerful, that emotionally evocative that it felt like much more than a reading experience....

I have not yet finished the book... I will read some tonight, but it has been a full evening, and I still have chores to do before I read.  I am anticipating the experience.

Having said that, I will encourage  you to read the Nevada Barr Anna Pigeon stories..

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