Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kittie Kronicles

Okay, so I do not pretend to understand what the motivation for my kitties' behavior is...Early morning or late evening, if I sit on the sofa, one or both kitties are eager to be near me as soon as possible.

On the weekend, they both want outside in the morning... Yet, if allowed outside, the forays are brief, less than 30 minutes usually... I would understand, if they ate their fill of green grass, but that does not seem to happen...There is usually not a noise determinate, so why is the outside time ended?

Sleep time is midday:  usually after 1 PM to 3 or 4 PM... On the bed, in a cat stroller pen, under the comforter, on a chair... If I am in the house, and making noise, I obviously disturb sleep...Sometimes the kitties want to snuggle, sometimes they complain about the disruptions I cause.  But mostly, they just want to snuggle.

Cats are good grey day companions, who like to snuggle and stay warm against our warm bodies... Isn't that special?



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