Thursday, May 13, 2010

When Did Hot Sauce Over Take Ketchup

I live in West Texas, and shortly after moving to Lubbock, Texas, some thirty plus years ago, I decided that I liked hot sauce, or salsa, better than ketchup... This is amazing, because when I was younger, I did not like Italian food, because it was too spicy. 

The History Channel tells us that hot sauce, or salsa, has overtaken ketchup as THE condiment.

Chefs use gloves to protect themselves from the heat of the peppers... The peppers are measured in Scoville units (of heat)

Cheese, milk products including sour cream and ice cream, and lime help to ameliorate the heat of the peppers...

Capsaicin is the heat chemical that makes the peppers hot....This is also used as a topical element to alleviate muscle and joint pain... I can tell you it works. 

McIlhenny is the premier brand name for hot sauce or Tabasco sauce

Hot peppers... an amazing food source....



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