Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Good Soldier

My niece told me about a video depicting the story of veterans and their understanding about war. The Good Soldier  It was hard to watch, but it was important to watch.

I would refer you to the post of 4/30/10 called "A Sickening Sensation" about my reactions to discussing the war, and the comments who would not talk about their experience in war.  We need people to talk about their experiences in war. We need to face the horrors of war so someday, maybe we can find alternatives.

My niece is trying to find alternatives: Her service in Habitat for Humanity, International, for example is an alternative to military service.

I am not saying we should not support our military.  Not only should we support our individual military members, we should so support them that they have what they need when they are in service, and then support them when they return from service.  But the biggest support we can offer to our military is to pray for peace.

The biggest support we can offer to our military, and our country is to work for solutions that recognize this is a small world, one world in which we are all together.  The sooner we understand that our well being is inter-related to the well being of every other individual on this earth, and our efforts to take care of each other will accomplish more than our efforts to dominate each other, the sooner we will learn that our fight is one for survival, not for destruction.

Thanks to my neice for sharing.

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