Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Top Ten Places to See on A Cross Country Trip from Lubbock to the East Coast

A coworker is planning a trip to the East Coast and wants to know about places to see as she and her husband travel back East...I have been preparing a list, which is very difficult, because there is so much to include...

I decided I needed to do a "Top Ten List" and am sharing it with you...

Niagara Falls

Gettysburg, Pa Civil War Memorial

Vicksburg, MS Civil War Memorial

Lancaster County, PA Amish Country

Williamsburg VA  or Old Sturbridge Village, MA

Outer Banks, NC

Blue Ridge Parkway

Rockport, Ma

Asheville, NC

The Land Between the Lakes

You will notice that I have avoided the highly populated centers, and the obvious, commonly thought of tourist attractions.  There is nothing wrong with visiting these areas.  I am just wanting to expand the traveler's horizons to consider some other sites...  And yet, these are not vistas that are so out of the way...

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