Sunday, April 18, 2010

Organized and In Control?

I attended a talk today during which the speaker talked about being organized and in control may mean being unwilling to expand your comfort zone, and try things that are new and different.

This may be true.  I like being organized, but I am rarely in control. I do try to experience new things and expand my horizons.  I have found myself really doing so this last year:  I have joined the Mystery Book Club at Barnes and Nobel, the Friends of the Library, and the Heritage Fiber Guild (not yet a member, but participating.)  I have been attending the Osher Life Long Learning Classes.  I attended the Lady Raider Basketball games (but did not enjoy their sporadic record.)

The speaker I heard talked about a trip to Italy, backpacking and traveling with no plan or design as a very freeing experience.   Hmmm.  She wrote a book:   "Two Nuts in Italy"

I have never been interested in traveling to Europe.  But I understand, from this speaker, and from others, that the attitudes and ideas of Europeans are very different than those of the Americans.  Less technological, more earthy and less circumspect.

However, after reading "The Guernsey Literary and Sweet Potato Peel Pie Society", I have thought a visit to the Channel Islands might interesting.  And, I think a visit to Ireland, and to Scotland (the outlying islands, especially) might be exhilarating.  

But there are so many places in the United States, and Canada, that I have not seen.  And want to. 

Well maybe someday I will take well orchestrated trips to those places.  Or, someday, I will feel able to just take off and travel to where ever I want to go....

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