Monday, April 12, 2010

The Mini-Masseuse

I was having some serious neck problems that ultimately were diagnosed as compressed vertebrae in my neck (cervical vertebrae).  I took Celebrex for almost a year, and went to the South Plains Fair one September (2007).  There was a demonstration by the Mini-Masseuse people, which gave me immediate comfort for my neck.  The Celebrex gave me immediate relief, but there was lingering pain discomfort. After about three weeks, the Mini-Masseuse seemed to take away the discomfort.

I have been having ongoing hip and leg pain.  I have been using the Mini-Masseuse for my hip... I realized the placement of the electrodes was wrong at first.  Now, I have used the electrodes in a more concentrated pattern.. It relieves a lot of stress... But sometimes, there is residual tension.. not pain, just tension.

I am so grateful to have the Mini-Masseuse to help with my pain.



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