Sunday, April 04, 2010

Major League Baseball Yankess and Red Sox

I am a rare baseball fan:  I am both a Yankees and Red Sox fan... When the Yankees play the Red Sox, I am a Yankees  fan.  Otherwise, when these teams are playing others, a cheer for the Yankees or the Red Sox.

Tonight is the opening of Major League Baseball, 2010. The Yankees are playing the Red Sox at Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox...The Yankees were in the lead, the Red Sox tied, then went ahead.  This post will be issued before the game is ended, so who knows who will win.

There are records for the longest game:  August 29, 1967 The Yankees and the Red Sox are both involved in the longest game ever played (by innings) at Yankee Stadium. New York recorded a 20-inning, 4-3 victory over Boston.

While not making the record for the longest game in Major League Baseball, both  the Red Sox games, and the Yankee games are known to be longer that the average game.. Generally, a Major League Game runs between 2 to 3 hours.  Whenever these teams play, the games run 3 or more hours...

The Red Sox Yankee rivalry is fun for many other reasons, including bench clearing brawls... But, mostly the games are fun because a four or five run lead does not mean anything, and the team that is down is not out until the final game out.   And there are often extra inning games...

I am glad that Major League Baseball is back, and I hope to watch a lot of Yankees and Red Sox games this year...

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