Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Organized? Me?

I have heard for years that I am well organized, and I always feel embarrassed, and maybe that I am an imposter, when I hear this.  If you see my house or office, you will see that I am a pack rat and stuff stacks up, piles up, amasses and no kidding, paper in my possession self propagates...

But, people insist.  So, what do I do that impresses people about my organizational skills: 

Well, I rarely forget things.  But that has more to do with my anal retentive mind, and less to do with organizational skills. I will admit,  I build on past experiences and I generalize my knowledge from one situation to another.

I can usually find things in my office.  That is for several reasons:  I file things in a manner that makes sense to me, so I know where it will be... sometimes I duplicate file, especially if I am not sure where I want to file something.  That way, it does not matter where I look.  When I do file, I label the file with a common sense name that tells me what is there. Sometimes, I can not find something and have to recreate and refile.  If I do this twice, I know I am not filing it correctly and have to be better at finding a place for it.

I also do not file:  If something is commonly used, or anticipated to be used in a short time, I put it where I know it will be... I admit, I do lose a lot of stuff in the jumble, but it does resurface.

I am a person of almost obsessive compulsive routine: what I do, when I do it, where I go, and where I put things.  This keeps me on track.  The downside is that sometimes I do something(s) so automatically, I do not recall the doing, and have to recheck myself.

I think ahead and organize my moves accordingly.  Then, I think backwards and go through everything again.

I am a list maker.  Ten years ago, I would have said I was a compulsive list maker, but now my lists tend to be more mental than pen and paper, and less compulsive.   But, having a written list which allows me to cross things off is for me, contentment. Being able to cross things off actually creates, in me, a physical pleasure reaction.

I use electronic reminders.  I use the Hallmark reminder service: Currently, it is free.  It will email you a reminder about any event you load.

I use reminders on computer calendars, and I set reminders on my cell phone.  Years ago, I used paper calendars and a calendar book to keep me organized.  I use sticky notes, magnet posted notes.  I put notes in the seat of my vehicle, on top of my purse, where ever I need them. 

No, I am not organized... I have a good memory, and I over achieve at reminders...

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