Saturday, April 03, 2010


Human beings are interesting creatures. Sometimes, when our habits are shifted, we feel incapacitated...If my car is in the shop for repairs, and I am at work, I feel incapacitated.  The repair shop gives me a ride to work, and picks me up after work, but the mental knowledge that my vehicle is unavailable makes me feel incapacitated.  Even though I spend most of my work days at my agency work site, and not away from my agency location. I plan routine maintenance for days at work when I will not need to use my car during the day.  But, still I feel less of a person if my car is not with me at my work site.

I went to a basketweaving session today, but took my knitting, in case I had some time to work on it... It was a long day, and I was exhausted when I left... I packed my things, but somehow missed my knitting bag...I was looking for it tonight, and realized I had left it behind.  The leader of the group rescued me and has my knitting project... The feeling of loss I had when I realized I did not have my knitting bag was as if a part of me was lost... I have a project I am working on, that is time sensitive, but it is not just that.  It is as if a part of me was lost...

We get attached.  We have a sense of control. We are creatures of habit.  Our extra-corporeal appendages are such a part of us, that we really notice when they are unavailable... And, we would acknowledge that if they are not available to us, we feel incomplete, out of balance, out of whack, or what have you.

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