Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I do it to myself

I find myself getting involved in things and over loading my schedule...There are so many things in life that I enjoy, and I want to participate in as many as possible.  Many of them are free or service activities, and offer me a very positive outlet...

This month is a perfect example: 2 book groups, 2 classes (3 sessions), an appreciation dinner, a workshop for NASW, a dinner party I will attend and an annual meeting for a group to which I belong, and a monthly meeting of another group...All, in two weeks.

A major swing from a schedule in which 2 basketball games in a week is a lot. It seems to run in cycles, and the things I want to do happen generally, all at once. Sometimes conflictually.

What suffers.  Well, I am a "floor piler" and my floors look like it right now... And, my dining room table does, too.  It will get cleaned at some point, but for now, stacks. 

Oh well, we do what we do...



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