Thursday, April 08, 2010

From Where I Sit

Sake was the first cat I had, and when I introduced Haiku into the home, their opportunities to be together were supervised.   Haiku stayed in the office, and Sake had free range of the rest of the house at first, when I was not home.  When I knew Haiku was house trained, I switched off. I also let one stay in the cat carrier, while the other had use of the house. Sake is still very territorial and intimidating of Haiku, but Haiku has learned to fend for herself.  She likes to sit with me on the sofa, and in the office. 

I spend a lot of time on the computer in the office.  Frequently at night, Sake complains about my being in the office, wanting me to be in the living room.  She may or may not join Haiku and I on the sofa, but she likes us to be in the living room.  She may not even stay in the living room with us, but she wants us in "her" part of the house.  She does not always get her way, and sometimes, she sits at the door of the office meowing, other times, just staring at me.  Some times she sits just out of eyesight beyond the door, meowing. And, truth be known, she does like to sit on the deskshelf, and look out the window...

If I sit at the dining table, Sake or Haiku and sometimes both , want to be on the table.  If I am reading a book, or doing a word puzzle or Sudoku, one has to sit on that.  They of course want to be on the table when I eat. 

If I sit on the front porch, they want to be out there with me.  I put them on a leash with a harness.

Sometimes they will both be on the bed with me, sometimes, not.

From where I sit, I can not understand all of their seating patterns.  But, I do not need to.  I need only to understand that Sake prefers me to be in the living room, and Haiku just wants to sit near me.



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