Thursday, April 15, 2010

Organizing Workshops

Since the beginning of my social work career, I have been involved in organizing workshops...At Catholic Family Service, Inc., we did adoption workshops, typically with the Interagency Adoption Council... We usually had a workshop co-ordinator, but did a lot of the work ourselves.

Late in life, I started helping with the NASW workshops.  Sometimes we co-ordinated with other agencies, sometimes we did them by ourselves.  I will not be a workshop chair person, but I like working on this activity.  I like working on the brochures, the mailing lists, and the registration forms and logs.  I really enjoy sitting at the registration table.  It gives me an opportunity to say "hi" to people. And, reconciling registration with collected fees is something that comes easy to me... I enjoy doing this.

This year is not different.  I have loaded the paraphernalia that I need for registration: pens, brochures, NASW applications, flyers about upcoming activities.  I am ready!

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