Monday, April 26, 2010

Bonus Coverage

I do not buy a TV Guide.  For years, I had used the TV listing that was included, once a week, in the Lubbock Avalanche Journal  I am not sure when, but they started charging extra each month to receive the TV listings insert.  I could afford to pay for it, but decided, on principle, and knowing that there were online and on TV viewing guides that are free, that I did not need to pay for the TV listings.

With that, I discovered that I was spending less time watching TV... Since I do not know what is on, I am not planning to watch it...  I look at the sports media guide in the sports section daily, to see if there is some sporting event I want to watch... I check the channels I know have shows that I want to watch... If I do not find anything I want to watch, sometimes, I just watch The Weather Channel  Or do not watch TV.

I check the online TV Guide, and the on TV TV Guide. Sometimes, I stumble upon a gem. Sometimes I am disappointed. 

I also channel surf.  That is what I did tonight, and I landed on ESPN. The scheduled game, which was of no interest to me, was rained out.  So, ESPN is offering "Bonus Coverage," a feed from various games, including NESN, the Red Sox vs. Toronto game in Toronto.  In addition to that game, the "Bonus Coverage" might include another game I want to see....

The life lesson today is to be flexible and open to what opportunities that might present themselves.

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