Friday, April 23, 2010

Expanding My Comfort Zone

We were discussing today about doing things on our own, versus with a companion.  My colleague was talking about not enjoying doing things alone, and that she had always had someone: a sister or cousin, husband, children.  She commented that she is learning to do more on her own now.

I have done things on my own since I can remember.  I am grateful that long ago, I learned that I do things because I enjoy the activity, or I do things, because I want the companionship.  I often do not have the patience for people who do not live life at my pace, and prefer to go on my own.  I have diverse interests, and sometimes, can not find someone who wants to share them with me.

The best reason for doing things on my own is because I am able to expand my horizons.  I have found that I enjoy new and different experiences, and do not always have someone to attend to them with me.  If I had let not having a companion stop me, I can not imagine all the things I would have missed in my life.   I am so grateful for having spent time in life expanding my horizons.  I will say that I have not always been in a frame of mind to expand my horizons.  Sometimes, I contract my horizons, and close my self off.  But, when I am expanding my horizons, I am feeling very good about myself and life.

Tonight, I took up the offer from a colleague to attend, with the Interfaith Alliance group, the Shabbat services at the local Jewish synagogue.   It was a wonderful experience, and the congregation was very welcoming. 



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