Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spanish Speaking TV or the Boston Celtics in Spanish

As I moved into the living room tonight, I turned on the Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics basketball game, which was near the end of the first half.  The announcers were speaking Spanish.  Well, on occasion, I have heard part of a Red Sox game announced in Spanish or in Japanese, when these announcers were in the park, and were "guesting" on the broadcast.  So, I thought the same sort of thing might be happening.  The game went to half time, which was in English, so I thought nothing of it....

Until the second half and the Spanish broadcast resumed.  I changed channels, and most were in English as they should be, but one or two others were in Spanish.  I tried using the language control on the console, but to no avail...

Well, I had occasion to move into the office to do some copying, and turned that TV on.  The game was in English... too weird...Same cable connection, so I knew it was not a cable signal screw up (although I toyed with that idea before I turned on the second TV.)

After I finished the copying, I returned to the living room and to toy with the controls on the TV... Changing the language on the console did nothing. I thought maybe a control on the TV was screwed up... I know that when all else fails, unplugging for a few minutes helps... Well, it did not help...  So, in desperation, I started hitting buttons on the remote.  Well, there is an "audio" button on the remote that changes from SAP to MONO to STEREO.  And, hitting that button restored the English language announcers... Hmmmm.  I do not understand.

I do not need to understand.  I just need to remember what to do if this happens again.  Now, you may ask how this happened.   I can be the culprit, or it could be a helpful paw from Haiku or Sake... There is no reason for blame, and I am the only one responsible for maintaining TV controls....

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