Sunday, April 25, 2010

It Was A Beautiful Day

It was a beautiful day, weather wise.  I sat outside to read the newspaper with my morning cup of coffee.  I worked inside, and outside, had lunch outside, worked outside, took a break and watched part of the race inside, worked outside, ran errands, ate dinner outside, worked outside.  Now, I have opened the windows to allow the fresh night air in, as I watch "America, The Story of Us."

These are the idyllic, pastoral days that I enjoy.  I enjoyed the outside, I took care of chores, I visited with friends, and watched what I wanted to on TV.  I even did some computer work. But at my pace, my schedule, with no no stress or pressure...

These are the kind of days that make me appreciate being alive, appreciate living in West Texas, and appreciate my homestead... I am so blessed.

My wish is that blessing extend to all whom I love and care about, and if a stranger is reading this blog, to you, too.

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