Sunday, May 09, 2010

A Companion Kitty

I suspect I have written too often about Sake wanting me to sit in the living room instead of the office, during the evening. The problem is, when I have printing chores to do from the computer, the printer is in the office, and I do not have a wireless printer set up... So, I HAVE to sit in the office.  Additionally, sometimes certain tasks on the computer are easier to accomplish with the desk top and shelves available.

Not so last night, and this morning.  So, I have been in the living room.  It was a busy day, full of newspaper word puzzles, books, knitting, and computering.  I spent some time outside with Haiku, who now has decided she likes to go out front and wonder in the front lawn (on a leash, tethered by a halter.)  Sake thought she wanted out in the back yard, but not in the pen, so was ultimately contented to chew on the grass I cut and brought inside.

Haiku is a regular visitor on the sofa next to me, either on the seat to my left, or the arm to my right. She also likes to sit on my lap or walk on the laptop keyboard (discouraged.)

Tonight, when I did sit down in the living room on the sofa, Sake, who was laying in the top level of the double decker stroller, immediately came over to sit on the arm of the sofa... She tolerated combing for less than ten minutes, and then just seemed to want to settle down.

Haiku eventually joined us, on the seat...

I still have laundry to put up, but for now, we will all enjoy the relaxation offered by sitting on the sofa and watching the Yankees vs. Red Sox at Fenway...

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