Friday, May 21, 2010

Minor Wind Event

We are having what I would call a minor wind event tonight:  it is blowing consistently, but not damagingly, and with no dust. Even though the ambient temperature was in the low 80's the windchill makes it feel much cooler.  When I moved to West Texas, my first stop was Amarillo... The press for Amarillo said that the days may be hot, but the evening winds cool everything down.  It may be true there, but during the summer, it is not true in Lubbock. 

I have moved the laptop, with electrical hook up, into the back yard for the first time this season. Why have I not done this sooner?  I do not know! But, it is very pleasant, especially because there are no mosquitoes right now, but that could change in a heart beat.

It is so beautiful out here, and I am so grateful to have a wonderful place to sit out and enjoy the fresh air and moon shine.

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