Friday, June 04, 2010

A Trip to the Veterinarian

It was shot day. 

I left work early to gather the cats for the trip to the veterinarian.  I had a sense I might have trouble rounding up Sake for the trip.  She was slow coming out.  But she and Haiku got crated in plenty of time, and complained about it.  They were not in as much distress as they claimed, because when I was still in another room, they stopped complaining.  I sprayed catnip mist into the crates, thinking that would help, but I do not know if it did or not.

It was 100° today, so I had the Vue air conditioning going full blast, and kept the girls in the vehicle a minimum amount of time. 

The vet was prepared for Sake, and we tended to her first.  We got her out of the crate, and immediately covered her with a towel.  Holding her head down, and keeping her covered, the vet was able to listen to her heart between growls, check her teeth during a hiss, and give her the injection.  

The vet said she has started giving injections in the rear legs.  She explained that there are rare but occasional sarcomas related to vaccinations
and if a sarcoma occurs, the leg can be amputated if need be.  Previously, vaccinating under the scruff of the neck was common, and that is not an area that can be amputated.

Sake went back into the crate.  Done deal.

I decided to stay in with the girls tonight, because after an ordeal, Sake sometimes takes her anger out on Haiku.  She tried, at first, but I was able to anticipate and scold.  They both have been looking for attention, maybe a little more than usual. They are fine.



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