Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Sports Bonanza

I could have watched the Yankees play the Astros in New York last night, had I not gone out to dinner... I returned home in time to see the post game interviews.

But today, I was able to watch the Yankees vs. the Astros, on the Fox Southwest network.  Sadly most of the time when I see the Yankees on TV, the announcers are aligned with the opposing team.  Having said that, today's announcers were fair, and then some.

My niece mentioned she was going to watch the soccer match between England and USA today.  I had not thought to do that, but after the Yankee game, I flipped to the soccer game, and was able to watch the end of the game... It was a draw (evidently soccer does not do "overtime") but those results were an admirable showing for USA.  Thank you Linda, for that suggestion.

So, then I flipped to the Red Sox vs Phillies game at Fenway Park...The exciting story was the call up of left fielder Nava, who, at his first at bat, hit a Grand Slam Home Run.  His parents were in the stadium. 

The Red Sox won... So that is good. Later, tonight, I will watch some or all of the NASCAR Nationwide race at Kentucky Speedway.

It was too windy to go out kayaking, and I had some in household chores to which I needed to attend.  So, the sports supported me while I did the tasks that needed doing.  A good day.

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