Thursday, November 11, 2010

Daring to

I attend a mystery book club, and currently, the selection to read is made by a different member each month... This is interesting, because we get to critique or at least comment on the selection, and each selector provides a variety of offerings.  If the selector is thin skinned, it will be difficult for that person to accept any negative comments by the members of the group. Yet, we are quite a diverse group, and usually, the comments each month vary from really enjoying to really not enjoying a book.

If the selector is ego involved in the selection, this would be a very difficult if not damaging experience. But if the selector dares to just say: "I offer this for what it is worth," then there should be no ego damage involved...

But of course, we are all human, and we all want to be validated... Yet, we are all individual, so what validates each of us might be different:

Some might want to select a book that is generally well received and popular.
Some might want to select a book that is conceived of as unique.
Some might want to select a book that generates controversy and discussion.
Some might want to select a book that provides shock value.
Some might want to select a book that has a "feel good" aura

Or what have you.....

Each of us chooses a book for various reasons:
It was one I wanted to read, so I put it on the group list, so I would get to it.
It was one I have already read, and wanted to share with the group.

The reason I want to share with the group is because:
I want their reactions;
I enjoyed the book, and hope the group will, too;
I did not enjoy it and am wondering if someone can redeem the book for me.
I did not enjoy the book, and I want my negative thoughts to be validated.

Discussing the book is just a good activity: no socially involved value... Just pure intellectual exercise...

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