Thursday, November 11, 2010


I am a creature of routine and habit.  I have written about this before, including explaining about how I am confounded by changes in routine. 

I was thinking about that today, as I was preparing for work.  Over the years, my early morning routine has changed, yet the core remains the same:  shower, dress, preparing breakfast and snack, tending to the cats, and getting the newspaper.

Beyond that, my morning routine really varies.  I used to read the newspaper regularly...Now, I may do so, skim it, or just open it up so it lays flat when I read it in the evening.

I used to read a morning devotion, a couple of news sights and play one or two word games on the computer before I went to work.  Now, most days, I do not even get on the computer in the morning.

I used to drink coffee every morning, sometimes more than one cup.  Now, even one cup is sometimes too much caffeine for me.  Many mornings, I drink juice or soda, and if I want something hot, it is usually herb tea.

And, while I keep the core routine, the peripheries change:  when I open the windows overnight, I have to have a routine to close up the house in the morning. Or else, I have to return to the house even after I have already reached my place of employment, because I am not sure I closed up the house.

If I want to go to work early, I have to get up early, get through the basic routine, and get to work.  If I am not concerned about getting to work early, I take more time, including with the computer or newspaper.

Some mornings, the cats are wanting attention, and if I have the time, I sit and visit with one or both, depending upon their desire. Even if I want to get to work early, and a cat or two wants attention, they get some hugging and caressing...

So, as much as I have a routine, I realize I am flexible enough to allow variations depending upon the circumstances in which I find myself... I think the lesson here is that a basic routine keeps me grounded, but the variations allow my to adapt, and the flexibility keeps my life from getting stale.

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