Monday, November 08, 2010

Hot Water

So, today I called Sears again to arrange for repair service on the water heater.   They schedule "between 8 and 5" and call you right before they are read to come by.  The person on the phone was very apologetic, and said things like the pilot light should not go out, I should not be without hot water, etc.

Well, I have not been thinking of it that way...When I start to, I think about the tent dwellers in Haiti, and I think I have nothing to complain about.

When I first shared the situation with my coworkers, one made the comment that I was saving gas... And, as I think about it, a shower from hot water in a 5 gallon bucket poured over me tells me really, just how much water I need for a shower.   Of course, what makes a shower from a bucket palatable is getting the bathroom warmed up.

I was looking on line to see if there are water saving shower heads, and there are.  But I could not find one that would shut off while you were lathering, and then, could be easily turned on when you needed rinsing. 

Well, I just am grateful that I have options.

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