Friday, November 05, 2010


I hate changes.  I really want the status quo to prevail.

However, changes happen. 

Especially electronic changes.

At work, we have an electronic medical record.  For the past several months, preparations have been made to update the software of this application... I was honored to be invited to be a point person to help with this:   each unit was asked to designate a representative to spearhead the change, coordinate and disseminate information, and be available to help hands one, when the changed occurred.

When I was asked to do this, I was told that the sole responsibility did not rest on me:  the training coordinator would disseminate training information and track it, as that is his job.  The administrative coordinator would do administrative paperwork and tracking.  The department heads would disseminate department information, and develop departmental strategies to deal with this...

It happened that way, with a few glitches (minor) along the way... I was gratified that the administrator, and my immediate supervisor agreed with me that proactive (extensive, expensive and time consuming) measures needed to be taken in case the transition was not as short termed and smooth as we all hoped.  I have been ongoingly gratified that everyone has done their job, pitched in and made things happen the way they were supposed to.

This has required some time from me, from a couple of hours a week to many hours a week. But I have enjoyed it: I have enjoyed knowing what is going on, I have enjoyed helping people prepare for the process.

As the transition approached, anxious staff have had many questions. I have enjoyed spending time telling them what to expect and assuring them that I was available for help.  Today, a coworker thanked me for that, and said (quite correctly) sometimes help is not available.

The change happens next Sunday and Monday, if all goes well... I hope it does.  We are prepared if it does not.. 

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