Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I frequently go through a cold and flu season without much illness.  This year, I became ill early.  I do not use high powered medical care:  I use chicken soup, orange juice, fluids, vitamin C, and whatever over the counter product appeals to me at the time. 

One of my long time favorites is Mentholatum rub. http://www.mentholatum.com/ . I do not use it for a body rub, but I do use it under my nose to assist with breathing.

I work in a psychiatric prison, and some years ago, was assigned to an acute care ward with many patients whose behavior is bizarre:  This includes smearing feces, throwing urine and/or feces on staff, not showering, hoarding food, for a few examples.  Although some of these behaviors are monitored, to prevent or deter, the truth is, things get missed.  So, the wards where these patients live can become odoriferous quickly.  So, I brought a small container of Mentholatum to work, to help me when I needed to be in those circumstances... And, when I have a cold.

There are some creature comforts from my childhood that I still retain:  Mentholatum is one of them.



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