Monday, November 15, 2010

Pat Searches and Body Scans

A recent news item has to do with new security measures at airports. The Transportation Safety Agency has new scanners and pat down procedures... I went to the TSA website, and could not easily find anything on this, but there were lots of news stories about this.

I am not excited about a full body scan.  I am less excited about the pat searches... I work in a prison, and we are frequently pat searched on entry (or exit) as security measures to prevent contraband.  Those pat searches are not particularly demeaning nor intrusive.  They are done away from the main steam of traffic. And with consideration.

I am thinking that my flying days will be limited.  I have been debating about continuing the Southwest Airlines Visa card, which charges a fee, but which helps me to earn points towards free flights... If I am not interested in free flights, I can do without the credit card, and return to using Discover.

For years, I rarely flew, as I took Mack with me, and I took the time to drive where I wanted to go... Maybe it is time to return to that way of life....Hmmm.

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