Monday, December 27, 2010

Sleeping Cats

Today was a day of on going relaxation with some effort to do chores... The chore of the day was raking leaves, and was easily managed.  Unfortunately, the dumpster was filled quickly, and only the front yard was tended to.. But that is okay.

Early this morning, the cats told me to wake up... It was about the time the alarm went off.  Since I did not need to rise that early, I shut off the alarm, and waited for later in the morning to rise.  Hot tea and breakfast were fine.

After breakfast, both cats slept. Most of the day, both cats slept.  At various times, Sake wanted to have the back door open, or the front door open, but mostly, she slept.  Haiku spent most of her morning in hiding, but spent most of her afternoon on the sofa... She also has spent most of the evening on the sofa. 

Sake spent parts of the afternoon on the  arm of the sofa.  Also, she wanted to be held for a while early in the evening. 

The cats have their own rhythm.  I hope they are okay with mine.  



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