Sunday, February 06, 2011

Cat Wars

We had cat  wars today.  Recently, I moved an afghan off the sofa. Sake has now started sleeping in the spot on the other end of the sofa from where I sit.  This is where Haiku used to sleep, when I had the afghan on the sofa.  Haiku joined us, and sat on the arm of the sofa, then moved to my lap for some time.  So, that was good.

Sake became impatient for breakfast yesterday, and ate the food in Haiku's dish.  Tonight, when I fed, Sake pressured Haiku to abandon her food so Sake could eat it.  I replaced if for Haiku who ate some, then moved on. Later, Sake went to where her food was, and ate some.

There has been a lot of racing and chasing today. At one point, Sake was very upset that I was on the computer. Haiku was in her chair in the study.  Finally, Sake sat on the TV tray next to my chair in the study.  Usually, she just complains because I am not where she wants me. 



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