Friday, January 28, 2011

My Hair

Have I written about my hair before?  I think I have, but I do not have a label for hair. Well, it started sometime after 2007.  I did not record it, but at some point in time, I could tell that the hair on the back of my head was starting to wave.  This was too weird.  I have always had very fine straight hair. When I was a child, I argued with my mother about this: she was always wanting me to have permanent waves.  When I got old enough, I stopped that nonsense, and enjoyed my straight hair.  It was fine, and no matter how much I trimmed it, the ends seemed always to be frayed when I let it grow long, but I let it grow long anyway, for a long, long time.

Then, I got a short blunt cut. And I really liked it. That was in the early 1990s. And, true to form, I kept the same hair style for a very long time.

Until sometime after my mother died in 2007. As I said, I could tell the hair on the back of my head was waving. It bothered me, so I changed my hairstyle:  layered in the back, long in the front.  That worked for a while, until the sides started waving. So, more recently, I have gone to a short, layered style.

But my hair is still driving me nuts:  it feels thick and wiry.   Unlike the fine hair I have always had.

I will admit that in the winter, whether in the Northeast or in West Texas, my hair is filled with a lot of static electricity.  So much so, if I undress in the dark, I can see the sparks.  That makes my hair feel coarser. 

So, I wonder if part of why my hair is feeling coarser is because of the dryness of winter and the static electricity that is less pronounced because it is shorter. But something else is going on with my hair. 

Maybe I am just obsessing about my hair.



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