Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Did Not Want To Go To Work Today

I am so rarely overwhelmed by what I face at work that I wake up not wanting to go to work. I wake up not wanting to get out of the warm bed.  I wake up, not wanting to face a cold shower (no more), but not wanting to go to work.

Since my vacation at Christmas time, going to work has been difficult. But this morning, it was down right almost impossible.  I had such an overpowering sense of not making a difference, no matter how hard I tried.

Part of the problem is we are short staffed, although we hope to have a new member to our team soon.  We have had so many people out with vacations and illnesses that the load has been spread fairly heavily.

That being the case, I have had to forgo what I enjoy the most at work. I enjoy the counseling/psychoeducational opportunities I have with patients.  But, this is optional, and has to be put aside when I am busy with treatment team, release planning, and psychosocial evaluations.

Well, today, I do not have my new treatment team list; the patient I needed to interview for a psychosocial evaluation was waiting to be moved from seclusion.  And, I am struggling to help the releasing patients on my caseload.  So, I spent a portion of the day doing psychoeducation.  It made me feel better about my work.  Thank you.

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