Monday, January 10, 2011

Bitter Cold

The first real bitter cold of the winter dropped upon us today.  True to form, our worst winter months are January and February.  It dawned gray, drizzly and cold and the day became colder as it wore on.  The biting wind did not help and created quite a wind chill factor.

The conversation at work was similar to what was in my head:  I had hoped we might dodge the winter bullet, as we have, sometimes in the past.  But not this year. However, if I had a choice, I would choose the deep wet snows of last winter, with the icy road conditions, over the bitter dry cold we have experienced so far this year.

But, the weather is not for my choosing, and my role is to cope as best I can: stay warm and dry, dress properly, keep my vehicle in good condition so it will run properly.

Today, when I left work, the Vue ground for a moment before it started:  a cold battery.  I am not sure if it is also a worn battery.  I remembered, though, a trick I did not need:  sometimes, turning the lights on briefly will warm the battery just enough to get it started, if it is cold and not discharged.

Stay warm.

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