Monday, January 03, 2011

Trash and Recycling

My community has tried to be progressive with recycling, and had a "blue bag" program that allowed us to mix recyclables: aluminum cans, tin cans, glass, newspaper and plastic in blue bags that could be placed on the dumpsters and picked up regularly.  The local stores even used plastic blue bags so we did not have to buy commercial blue bags which were also available.  However, this was not a successful recycling program.

So, currently, the city has drop off locations where we can bring the same kinds of recyclables. I recycle.  I actually have recycled for more than 33 years, long before I came to Texas... In fact, when I first came to Texas, recycling was not common.  I lived in an apartment, and took my aluminum cans to a recycle station and dropped them off, not waiting for payment, which was apparently unheard of. I no longer recycle aluminum for payment, but at one time, I did and garnered tidy sums of money for the effort.

It is amazing to me, how much trash we produce.  I have just a small trash can under the sink, and use store plastic bags.  In the summer, because I use scoopable cat litter, and place the deposits in plastic bags before putting it in the trash, I take the trash out to the dumpster almost every day.  I think of how much more trash I would be putting in the dumpster if I did not recycle. 

Recycling is a business, and there is at least one company where I live that will pick up recyclables for a fee. 

It would be really good if more people would recycle. 

I have to get better at it... I bring plastic drink bottles to work, and do not recycle those: something I can improve upon this year.

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