Thursday, December 30, 2010


It is a day off from work.  Earlier in the week, I had projects that took me out and had me up and about the house.  I ran errands this morning, but since returning home, have mostly indulged in reading.  One of my errands was to the library, where I picked up several books.  I read a lot of mysteries, and prefer to read the series ones in order.  So, I am going back and forth between libraries (I could order them to my closest library, but do not mind the trips to other places) to where the next book is. 

I have a list I keep with me, regularly updated, that includes the various series I read, and what book comes up next.  Sometimes, I have to order the books from inter-library loan, but that is okay.  While I am waiting there is plenty else to read.

I also belong to two book clubs: a mystery book club and a general club, for seniors.  The general club forces me to read books I would otherwise not read, and even the mystery book club introduces me to authors I have not read before, and might not have tried.

So, today, after running errands, I am home.  I usually have the TV on, or music going.  But sometimes, I like the silence.  Today, I am enjoying the silence.  Sort of.  There is some neighborhood noise and a lot of wind noise.  The dust is blowing, so the winds must be close to, if not gusting at, 40 mph mark as predicted, and I can hear the sounds of the wind.

I am reminded of the silence in the home in which I grew up.  After my father died, and I would go home to visit my mother, the house was silent a lot, especially in the afternoon.  My mother would knit or doze, and I would often go out for a walk or to do something.  But being in the house, the silence was good, comforting. That is the silence I have this afternoon.

My cats have stirred a little now and again this afternoon, but I think they like the silence, too.  Soon, I will turn on the TV for my regular fare of mystery shows.  But, now, I can enjoy the silence.

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