Friday, December 31, 2010

Resetting the clocks

After the power outage, I have to go around resetting the clocks.  I do not like this chore, but it is made easier because my cell phone has time on it.  It is easier to get all the clocks set with the same time.  Where I work, it seems like every clock is different, and that DRIVES ME NUTS!

So, when I reset the alarm clock time, I forgot to reset the alarm itself... I never remember if the dot is for AM or PM, but that was easy enough to determine.  I just set the time, and when it rolled around yesterday evening, the alarm went off.  So, now I know and fixed it.

The microwave drove me nuts.  Somehow, I could not get the clock to reset.  I even tried unplugging it, but still could not get the clock to reset.  So, I ignored it. Until I used it.  Then, it let me reset the clock.  I do not understand.

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