Monday, January 03, 2011

The Girls

After I spent 10 days of vacation at home, I returned to work today.   The girls seemed to understand I was back in the "go to work" mode when I got up and followed my work routine versus the non-routine of my vacation days.

I came home from work as usual, but knew I was going to a Lady Raider basketball game, so parked the car in the driveway... I fed the cats, ate dinner and left for the game.  Both cats wanted to be in the garage and expressed consternation that the Vue was not in the garage:  I am not sure if that was because they like to sit on the warm hood, or because that is a signal that I will be going out again.

When I got home from the basketball game, both girls wanted something.  I was not sure what:  they had dry food, I tried milk, they both had some left of their dinner, I had given them deli sliced meats.  I could not figure out what they wanted.  Eventually, they settled down... Haiku ate some more dry food, and Sake decided she just wanted to be in the garage... Haiku opted for a laundry basket...

I just wish I understood cat language better than I do... I need to remember to talk to them more.  I talked to Mack all the time, and he obviously understood me, and was able to communicate with me quite well....

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