Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Of Course, I Am Tired

Last night, I awoke about 3 AM after having a dream about dogs invading my old Victorian style house (I do not have an old Victorian style house). I could not get the dogs out, and I could not keep up with cleaning after them.  My cats, some what miraculously, were safe.  But the dogs were hell bent on destruction.

I actually have an idea about the message that this dream was sending to me. It is a recurrent theme, and one upon which I will have to take action soon. And should have taken action sooner.  Dreams are amazing.

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Blogger linda said...

I love interpreting the messages from dreams. Sometimes a dream seems bizarre, but then when I say it out loud I think, 'That symbolism is painfully obvious' and I totally get the message.

Whatever your "action" is, I hope it goes well. Hope we get to read an update about it!

March 03, 2011 8:49 PM  

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