Friday, April 15, 2011

Home Safety

Two times in my life, my home has been broken into.  The first time, my then husband surprised the intruder. His response was dramatic: he wanted to keep a loaded gun in our living room. I would not accept that. We did get storm windows, as these are an extra barrier to invasion. 

I refused to be cowed by the experience.  A colleague told me I was very strong. I just would not let the criminal "win."

In 2003, once again, my home was broken into.  My computer, cell phone, and some jewelry from my first husband had been stolen.  Little else was lost.  The door that was breached was replaced. The computer equipment was replaced. And life went on.

Two nights this week, I noticed that the gate in my back fence was compromised.  I have had padlocks on the gates, front and back, but did not lock them.  The last two night, my back gate was left open, with the padlock not securing the gate, although I was sure that while not locked, the padlock was securing the gate when I check it last. 

Well, once is a fluke, maybe a mistake I made. But not twice. So, I locked the locks on both the front and back gate of my fence. This is a little inconvenient, when I am taking out trash or doing yard work.

But, what is more important: convenience of yard work, or safety of home.?



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